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Introduction to Cantonese 廣東話入門

The medium of instruction: 廣東話 (Cantonese), English

Time: 2 hrs for each lesson, 4 lessons in total

Target Audience: Beginners or anyone who wants to start systematic learning on Cantonese

Class size: 3-6 ppl

objective-based learning: 10 things you will learn

1. What Cantonese is 乜嘢係廣東話

2. How to learn Cantonese 點學廣東話

3. Why the tones are important 聲調有乜咁重要

4. How to ask questions 點樣問問題 (5W1H)

5. How to pretend that you are familiar with Cantonese ( or How to answer fluently in Cantonese) 點樣答問題

6. Greetings 問候人

7. How to be polite 點樣禮貌啲

8. Introducing yourself 用廣東話介紹自己

9.  How to survive with Cantonese 用廣東話生存

10. Correct pronunciation of the top 20 useful Cantonese words 二十大常用廣東話字

HKD$1000 for 4 lessons. All the profit will be used in promoting Cantonese culture.

8 12 月 @ 20:00
8:00 下午 — 10:00 下午 (2h)